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Anna Curtis is a stay-at-home actress
and writer, much to the chagrin of her creditors and immediate family.

As an actress, she's been on shows like "SCRUBS" and "Friends" and has starred in independent films and national commercials.

As a writer and editor, she has published hundreds of articles in national and regional magazines.

As a stinker, she's written satirical articles and stories that have humiliated people for years.


                                   What's new with Anna?

Click on me to check out in the trailer the upcoming feature film "The Missing Link." I star as Harriet, the hairy cavewoman, in this hilarious comedy!
Directed by Markus Innocenti.


Click on this video to view the national popcorn-spitting SRS TruVolume commercial I did! Watch it until the end, or else!

I'm a patient-turned-zombie in the horror film "The Lake." Double-click to play my scenes! Directed by Jason Dodson.

Coming in April 2011! I star as the evil Miss X in the comedy feature kid's film "The Adventures of McGruder." Shot in Scotland and the U.S.
Directed by Markus Innocenti.

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