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Freelance Design/Architectural Articles

For years, Anna Curtis worked as the L.A. city editor for SPACE  magazine, a design-driven publication that features the most luxurious homes in the county--along with the artists, designers, architects and restaurants that push these estates into the millions of dollars.

She now writes for LUXE magazine, a national publication based exclusively on upscale living, as well as Pasadena magazine, crafting features on local cafes and architecture. She also freelances for South Coast and San Clemente magazines, penning profiles on coastal
restaurants, historic architecture and community members.

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!Fake News Articles!

The Enduring Vision:  A webpage of satire, and also love
(as published on the satirical website

Last Working Gas Station Bathroom on Earth Discovered, Used
Evian Flu Not as Deadly as Perrier, Crystal Geyser Pandemics
Abstinence, Birth Control Given Up for Lent
Verizon's New Drink-and-Dial Plan Launched
Joke Replies to Airport Security Questions Now Being Tolerated
It's Hot Out
Star Jones' Head Shrinking Faster than Rest of Body
Turret Guns Installed along U.S. Borders
Saddam Abandons Hunger Strike; Opts for Low-Carb Diet
Ex-Boyfriend Insurgency Rocks Foundation of Newly-Formed Relationship

*Coming Soon*
"What I Want (And Other Things I Never Got)"
...A book of memoirs by Anna Curtis
to be published after more witnesses inside the family die off.

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